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Boom Barriers / Bollards / Parking Management

Boom Barriers / Bollards / Parking Management

FAAC's headquarters and production plant are in Zola Predosa, in the industrial area of Bologna. Here the operators for automating the accesses are designed, built and tested. FAAC is organized in keeping with the model of leading modern industrial companies and its internal architecture, too, meets space functionality needs. A highly developed IT system manages all important aspects - technical, production, administrative and control - thus increasing overall response capacity and individual efficiency. The plant system, with its modern organization, provides output capacity of over 800,000 operators per year. FAAC's research in mechanics, hydraulics and digital electronics enables it to implement on-going technical and technological renewal, assuring its undisputed position at the forefront of its sector. Sixteen manufacturing plants, two electronic and one mechanical research departments, 30 subsidiaries in 24 countries, over eighty distributors all over the world: FAAC is the undisputed leader in automated systems for opening gates and garages and is a very important company in the European industrial system.

Advantages :
  • Operators for swing-leaf gates
  • Gearmotors for sliding gates
  • Operators for up-and-over doors
  • Barriers/ Automatic doors/ Parking systems
  • Automated Car Parking System with Manned Cashier
  • Vehicle Management System of Residential Societies/ Cooperates Offices
  • Operators for shutters
  • Operators for rolling shutters and sun blinds

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